Considerable time saving

You are working from the office and there is a power failure. You have not made a backup? You have lost nothing. Your home computer breaks down? Don’t worry, you have lost nothing. There is a fire in your building? Don’t worry, you have lost nothing.

Up-to-date systems

Stay up-to-date with our easy and user-friendly Cloud Accounting Systems

Office is available

The Office suite is included in our systems, no need to buy licenses.

Peace of mind

Clients using this product are mostly start-up or established businesses who wish to take no risk of losing their data, and thus keep their peace of mind.

This solution is for you

To try it is to adopt it. With the Cloud technology, your systems are automatically updated.

Accounting software

We can include the accounting software of your choice in our Cloud servers.

Give access to your accountant

It is great for you that your accountant can access your data quickly and easily. No more need to make a copy and transfer secure data by email: with a simple click, you can manage your accountant’s access.

Systems’ speed

We can increase your computer’s speed with a only a few clicks. Our systems are quick and secure.

2 Concurrent users

More than one user can work with your software.

Your data are 100% safe

We want our material to be resistant, nothing less.

7-day free trial period

We are convinced we can increase your efficiency! We wager that you won’t be able to go without it!

Experience the HDCE Cloud

By subscribing to our Cloud Accounting System, you are sure to keep your data complete and safe. Since your data are hosted on our servers and outside your systems, you are assured of their safekeeping! No more theft or loss of data. At HDCE, we have the Cloud solution that will guarantee your satisfaction.

The beginning of a new experience!

Your peace of mind is guaranteed with Cloud Accounting!

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