ANTI-SPAM PROTECTION, Advanced spam and virus filtering. No software to install.

Stop the threats

With strong experience in spam protection, HDCE remains a leader in identifying and blocking spam. A comprehensive set of layers ensures that organizations remain productive against ever-changing threats.

Ensure continued availability

Since email is an essential vehicle in today’s business world, mail server failure can significantly limit business operations. Thanks to the anti-spam system provided free of charge with the e-mail service, your e-mails can be kept up to 96 hours with the option to redirect traffic to a secondary server.

Protect sensitive data

Powerful encryption technology to ensure that sensitive data is not accessed by third parties. Filtering and quarantining capability for all outbound messages that are certified and compliant with enterprise DLP policies.

Simple and efficient

Simple and easy to configure, the HDCE Spam guarantees personalized email protection in place in just a few minutes. This cloud-based centralized management system improves your daily workflow and is included at no extra charge.

A virus, an antidote

The HDCE Email System analyzes your e-mails as well as your incoming files using three powerful layers of virus detection technology. It also decompresses archives for complete protection. The system is automatically updated to maintain the greatest protection against email viruses of all origins.

Message encryption

You can download the Barracuda Add-In Outlook for your Microsoft Exchange Server to allow users to choose window encryption in their MS Outlook client software. For more information on Outlook Add-In deployment, please contact us.

Our clients

  1. Government agencies
  2. Health care institutions
  3. Private companies

30-day free trial

HDCE offers you to evaluate its products and services over a period of 30 days, without risk or cost.

Experience the HDCE Cloud experience

With HDCE SPAM, we offer protection against incoming malware, spam, phishing and denial of service attacks, and more! To try it is to adopt it.

Give your entreprise the boost it needs!

We offer you the necessary to have peace of mind.

The prices

Each option is an advantage for you!

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  • 30-day trial
  • Free
  • Unlimited e-box
  • Anti-spam
  • Anti-virus
  • 30 day retention period

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Our best seller

$2.00 e-box/month

  • Anti-spam filter
  • Anti-virus filter
  • 2 weeks retention period
  • Failure Management
  • Custom Spam Management
  • 10 e-box or less

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Our large business or government packages

$49.99 e-box/month


  • Anti-spam filter
  • Anti-virus filter
  • 2 week retention period
  • Management of failures
  • Customized management of spams
  • 30 e-boxes and more
  • E-mail encryption
  • Black list management
  • SMTP relay

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