Servers available from $21 Linux and $65 Windows


Online without delay

Our configurations are automated. Register now and you will obtain access information within a few minutes.



Increase resources as needed

We offer you maximum flexibility to receive your resources when traffic or activities increase.



Optimum control with daily billing

Each month, you can decide to increase or decrease the resources you need.



Windows and Linyx support

Our technicians are able to help you with your configuration, no matter what operating system you choose.



Redundancy of storage, network and platform

Every aspect of our Cloud is redundant. We guarantee 100% Cloud service time.


Management portal

With your access, you can freely manage your Cloud, 24/7/365.



Windows-based Cloud platform

Only the best software was used by our engineers in this Cloud solution.



Low price/great availability solution

The cost of every aspect is as low as possible considering the redundancy available with each entity.



Reliable equipment infrastructure

We use only the best computer equipment to prepare our Cloud.



Hosting control panels

You can manage your resources yourself.

High availability; increase your entrepreneurial performance!

A solid administration approach is the key to the success of your projects.

Redundancy at all levels

The hypervisors hosting your servers are all connected to a system offering redundancy during all steps in order to avoid failures.

Firewall, Server, Switch, ISP, Storage

Security and performance

Unsurpassed level of redundant technologies and automatic recovery techniques using superior level virtualization technologies. Our control panel allows you to increase your resources at any time without losing connectivity and is completely transparent for users.

Complete management console

Cloud de HDCE provides for the use of a unified console to manage physical and virtual items of the processing center. It also allows you to pilot Hyper-V, Virtual Server and VMware ESC©, offering a unified approach for the administration of the hypervisors.

Server or Cloud workstation

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