HDCE gives you the ability to use Post Office Protocol (POP) and Interactive Mail Access Protocol (IMAP) technologies, two technologies that no longer need presentation. Contact one of our technicians now to learn more!

What is the interest of the POP3 protocol ?

This protocol was the most used at the beginning of the Internet.
Remember, you had to connect to a phone line with an analog modem that made a lot of noise when it was connected. The transmission speed was limited and often it was necessary to stay connected as short as possible (for reasons of cost and also because the telephone line was busy when we were connected).

The advantage of this protocol was that it allowed to load all the emails on the computer. You could then log out and read his e-mails at home.
The disadvantages of this protocol are multiple:

  • Reading emails from one place If I download e-mails to my computer, I will not be able to see them from my mobile.
  • Emails are downloaded on equipment. If this equipment fails or is stolen, I lose access to my emails.

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