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What are the benefits and benefits of a HDCE DM or ECM? By enabling organizations to better control their information in general, and their documents in particular, Electronic Document Management brings significant benefits in terms of quality, productivity and deadlines. Documents are readily available, immediately, to the correct version without confusion, to authorized persons, at the right time and in any place. Thanks to an immediate circulation, the processes and the collaborative work are optimized in considerable proportions. Users no longer waste time finding documents, distributing them, verifying that they have been validated and that they have the latest version. The Return on Investment (ROI) of a well-conducted and well-targeted DM HDCE project is counted in weeks.

Expectations and benefits vary from one organization to another depending on their sector of activity, their context, their objectives and their stakes.

Sectors of activity: In certain fields, the document represents the added value of the activity. For example, design offices and engineering departments produce plans, calculation notes, and other technical documents. This is their core business. A lack of control of deadlines, costs, quality of documents amounts to a degraded overall performance. In other areas such as maintenance or construction and construction, the document is an essential working tool. A version error or confusion can have disastrous consequences. Finally, in all organizations, “support” processes such as administrative, accounting, management, rely on data and documents to store and transmit useful information. Document control helps reduce costs and improve performance.

Document managment

  • Publish and archive
  • Search and browse
  • preview
  • Synchronize workstations
  • thanks to Nuxeo Drive
  • Share and collaborate
  • Manage processes and workflow

Digital asset management

  • Integrate your multimedia backgrounds and automate the import
  • Manage access rights
  • Browse, search, preview
  • Create storyboards
  • Annotate
  • Exporting and sharing multimedia files

Case and case management

  • Create case profiles
  • Share and collaborate
  • Create workflows
  • Archive
  • Manage tasks
  • Search and recover

Organize your workflow and create an effective production plan

Accelerated Market for Products and Services

(Time to Market) facilitating collaborative work and allowing accurate control of the information lifecycle.

Cost reduction

By automating tasks with no added value and reducing errors.

Reduced Time

Thanks to an accelerated treatment and circulation of information, internally and externally; documents and their validation can be instantly transmitted anywhere in the world, including on a mobile device.

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