Here is a tool that allows you to check the availability of a domain.



Domain Name Server (DNS)


Machines called domain name servers allow you to establish the matching of a domain name and the IP address of a networks computers. Each domain (for example, has a domain name server (ns1,hdec and called “primary domain name server” and a secondary name server that takes over the primary name server in case it is not available. The DNS server contains the address of the machine hosting all the services related to your domain, such as the web site, emails, file transfers, applications, etc.

What are domain name servers used for? Let’s put the question this way: a computer located anywhere in the world, called X, wants access to Y computer hosting the site or emails; what can it do?

This is where our “Albert Einstein”, or in this case the DNS server, comes into play : it will tell your computer where to find computer Y.

X makes the request + DNS (server indicating where to find the requested computer) = Y (display of the web site on your screen, delivery of your email, etc.).

Our DNS servers are NS1.HDCE.CA and NS2.HDCE.CA


  • Management by humans! You can talk to someone!
  • You don’t have to worry about renewals, we do it for you!
  • Two servers for redundancy, in case of loss of one server
  • Servers with hundreds of domains
  • Hosted in Quebec
  • Three modifications of DNS included in package
$50* /year

Domain names

  • Three modifications of domain included

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*Price for one domain “.com”. Price can vary depending on domain.

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