What is a private Cloud?

A private Cloud is an IT consumption mode (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, etc.) that relies on resources (server, storage, network, software licences…) that are exclusively available to a business. The resources can be geographically located within the company’s perimeter (then referred to as internal private Cloud) or located at an integrator/service (then referred to as a private hosted Cloud). The operation of a private Cloud can be realized only by the customer’s IT staff (internal private Cloud), or by an external supplier (internal private Cloud, private hosted Cloud). Available services are provided through a catalogue presented in an automatically activated portal and can be billed according to consumption.

HDCE provides a reliable and optimal virtualization solution allowing a better use of your server while reducing costs.

Consolidation of hardware configuration

Servers have more capacity and resources which allows you to reduce the number of servers used.


Simplicity of deployment

Virtual entities can be deployed in record time.


Standardization of operating systems

Have your operation systems on a unique server for better service and more flexibility.


Improve availability, recovery and flexibility

Move virtual instances from one server to the other without disruption


Less management and maintenance required

Less servers and more simple solutions mean less support and maintenance.

Save time and money

Downsizing the server’s infrastructure results in time and money savings to your hosting.


Increase in RSI

Unlock some of your computer’s resources for maximum use and consolidation.


Reduction of operating risks

Reduce operating risks at several levels: hardware, software, applications.


Faster access to the market

Quick deployment, low costs for users and flexibility will help you a faster access to the market.


Increased availability of applications

Keep your applications available during virtual machine migrations or unexpected failures.

Server or Cloud workstation

Unparalleled productivity│ Adaptability and flexibility │Global availability

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